Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mosque Cake for a wedding gift exchange

My aunty called me about a week before her wedding and asked me if I can make her a cake as a gift exchange.  Of course I was delighted and took the chance to play with fondant again *LOL* She didn't say what she wanted and left everything to me to decide.  After much thought, I decided to do a mosque cake which I think was the most appropriate to give to her then husband to be.  I like things that are simple and so came up with this.  This is not entirely my creation as I got the inspiration from a box that is shaped as a mosque.  I scaled it down and finally end up with this.  As I was running out of time, I used styrofoam for the dome :-P  Overall I was pretty pleased and glad that they loved it... including the cake *LOL*


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  2. salut
    ton gâteau est vraiment magnifique, super réalisation.
    ta tante a beaucoup de chance d'avoir eu un aussi beau gâteau, sa donne pas envie de prendre un couteau et de la couper, tellement il est beau.
    bonne continuation