Monday, April 5, 2010

A birthday cake for my 10year old

My 10 year old girl celebrated her birthday last month and as usual, I decided to make her a cake for her to share with her friends. I have always been making either cream or mousse cake and sponge has always been the main cake base. However, my eldest doesn't like cream cake that much and so I decided to make a fondant cake. For the cake base, she wanted a mango cake and that was another big headache for me because I was planning to make a big cake which is 11inch and I am not sure whether I can handle the fondant well for such a large cake.

I peservered and finally made it *LOL* It was stressful indeed because I didn't have a large rolling pin. So I had to cut the fondant into pieces and joined them at the corners. That is why you see the large side decor which was used to cover the ugly sides *LOL* I still had fun doing it though and finally bought a 20 inch rolling pin for my next project :-)

Cake base is mango butter cake with chocolate and colored fondant. I never got to taste the cake but the kids loved it .. *phew*