Thursday, January 21, 2010

Italian Meringue Buttercream

I have a task to accomplish next week which is to make a birthday cake and cuppies in which the celebration will be held at the beach. Meaning no refrigeration and will be hot if it doesn't rain. I have scrap the idea of using fondant for the decor because of the weather and had to choose to do something which can withstand the long hours outdoor. So I finally decided on Italian Meringue Buttercream due to it's heat resistance and also taste. Well I think I still prefer whipped cream but don't want the uncertainty of melted cake *LOL*

Initially it was quite daunting. The mix was really soupy after I added the butter and never came together. Then I used one of the tip by an online member at the forum that I frequent and voila !! It came together !!

After it was done, I left the cream outside for about 3hrs before I tint it and piped on the cuppies I made. It still holds the shape although the mixture looked a little limp. Taste wise, creamy and smooth despite the amount of butter being used and of course, no grainy gritty texutre. I love it lots.


  1. hello,can u share the tip please?your cuppies r pretty!

  2. Hi Yes,
    Cld u share the recipe for the italian meringue buttercream and the tip pls. pls reply to my email as i may miss ur post. Appreciate lot