Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Barbie Swan Lake cake for my daughter

For my first baking post, I am sharing with you a cake I did recently for my youngest baby who turned 3 14th November. She loves watching Barbie movies and I had quite a hard time deciding which Barbie character I should make for her. Her initial choice was 3 musketeers - to troublesome .. then I convinced her to go for Odette from Barbie Swan Lake. She agreed and this is the outcome ! The cake is chocolate sponge covered with fresh cream and dark cherries fillings. I did spread a layer of strawberry preserves for extra taste. Piping gel was used to fill up the portrait.

I used purple fondant to emboss the birthday wordings and her name. I am very glad that she adored the cake.


  1. Hi Zu,

    Thats a really pretty cake. i understand u used piping gel to fill in the colours. I believe the piping gel is tasteless right?did you add any thing else to it, besides colouring? I'm also curious about how you did the deco of the flowers. Thanks alot.

  2. Hi Nagina,

    One of the ingredient in the gel is applesauce so taste wise is slightly sourish. I didn't add any flavoring except coloring. The small flowers are sugarpaste flowers. That includes the butterflies which I got from Sunlik.